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"I've been involved in major web content development for U.S. Army Recruiting, MasterCard, and The Partnership for a Drug-Free America. The website that Webline Design has created for us at HealthCare Chaplaincy ( is the first where I have been responsible for the entire project. My expertise is marketing and communications, not internet technology. Webline Designs understood how to bridge those two worlds to meet our objectives and then some. They are smart, professional, and collaborative."

Jim Siegel
Director, Marketing and Communications,
HealthCare Chaplaincy


Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive process for developing successful web sites. While the details of the process may vary depending on your goals and industry, we have found that the five steps outlined below provide a valuable framework that is simple to follow and powerful when properly implemented.

Step 1 - Discovery

At Webline, we see web site design and development as a collaboration. While we bring a thorough understanding of the web, technical skills, and creativity, you bring an essential understanding of your business, brand and industry. In this step of the process we review your goals and develop a custom plan based on our expertise and your knowledge.


Step 2 - Information Architecture

In this step we develop an outline of the project. This outline includes a table of contents which will be the foundation of the site from both a content development perspective and eventually from a navigational and usability perspective. In addition we note advanced features and display mechanics to be implemented in the next step.

  Information Architecture

Step 3 - Design/Development

This step takes the project from initial design stages (where 3 unique interfaces are developed), through revisions, to a final finished custom look. It also includes content layout and implementation of advanced features such as Content Management or E-commerce solutions. While previous steps are essential, this is the point where the site is actually designed and coded.


Step 4 - Publication

At this point we run through our standard Publication checklist which includes cross-platform testing, W3C compatibility testing, and thorough beta testing. If required, we register domain names and configure a hosting environment. Finally, we create a Google Site Map and submit it to jump start indexing.


Step 5 - Management

Management is both the final step and an ongoing process. It includes site maintenance such as content updates as well as optional online marketing services. In addition, we are happy to offer periodic reviews to make sure your site continues to meet your online goals.