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"While we had already been satisfied clients of Webline Designs for more than two years, the effort you put forth for us during this crisis was extraordinary, and will not soon be forgotten."

Michael Feinstein
Executive Vice President,
Frenkel & Co., Inc.


Intranet/ExtranetThe web is best known as a source of information that is free and easily accessible. While this is true, it is far from the web's only use. The web can also be an incredibly powerful tool for organizing and providing information to a restricted group of individuals. Limiting access to certain areas of a website to internal users or to a select group of external users can serve many purposes.

Intranets are the ideal location to store and provide access to information pertaining to employees such as employee handbooks, company rules and procedures, job opportunities, etc. Intranets can also be used to post internal announcements and calendars of events. Portions of an Intranet can be used to store frequently used documents or other materials. Since they are password protected, Intranets are ideally suited to store any information or applications that are of value to company employees but should not be shared with the greater public.

Similarly, Extranets are password protected web sites with information available to only a select group of individuals who are external to the company. These individuals can be partners, subcontractors, clients, or any other designated group. Content on an Extranet can be customized based on the user's login information. For example, when one client logs into the Extranet, only information that is specifically assigned to him or her will be displayed.

Webline offers free consultations in which we review clients' needs and current software environment in order to help develop cost effective and useful Intranets and Extranets.