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"We are proud to be affiliated with the talented team over at Webline Designs. It is a privilege to work with these gentlemen who are filled with integrity, endless energy and share the same passion for doing business in the 21st century."

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Flash Design

FlashWeb sites developed in HTML are a great way to deliver content to Internet users. Quite a bit can be done using only standard HTML and graphics to make a site both informative and visually appealing. However, there are times when standard web technologies do not create enough of an impact. Flash provides a means for presenting graphically rich content, including video, audio, and other multimedia elements, at extremely fast download speeds. This makes Flash animations ideally suited for high impact web pages.

Plus, Flash is much more than a vehicle for supplying rich content. By using Flash as an application development tool, we are able to create dynamic user interfaces and custom application front-ends.  Whether the goal is to develop a state-of-the-art web site or a content rich web application, Flash technology is the place to start.

Webline's expertise in Flash includes knowing when and where to use this powerful technology platform. In particular, Webline pays close attention to Search Engine Marketing issues before recommending Flash-based design (since content in Flash animations is often opaque to search engines). In addition we advise our clients on incompatible operating systems such as iOS (which runs on Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch). Oftentimes we can recommend jQuery, AJAX, or HTML5 based solutions that offer a similar user experience to a Flash design while remaining search engine and iOS friendly.