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"I just finished a meeting with a potential client; he came to me specifically because of the website. He said that it was beautifully done and money well spent. I am most grateful!"

David L. Businelli, R.A., AIA
Studio 16 Architecture


E-CommerceIn the simplest terms, E-commerce is selling goods and services online. E-commerce sites can range from simple single item sites, to full-size catalogs containing unlimited numbers of products. E-commerce sites can offer site owners the basic tools required to receive and process orders, or highly-customized, feature-rich solutions.

At Webline, we believe that each E-commerce site should be tailored to the individual client. As a result, we offer a range of E-commerce solutions. However, as with every site we design, each E-commerce site produced by Webline begins with a unique, custom design. None of our sites are built using prepackaged templates or other shortcuts that sacrifice compelling visual quality.

In order to determine the best E-commerce solution for our clients, we listen to their needs, and develop a site with all the necessary features and functions. Regardless of the specifics, all of the online catalogs that we produce retain certain common features, including a completely secure end-to-end system and an accessible product management interface.

Our E-commerce sites are secured using technologies such as SSL Digital Certificates and integrate with secure processors such as Braintree, Authorize.Net and PayPal. E-commerce sites produced by Webline are easy for vendors to maintain. Product catalogs are generally updated though either a password protected web-based form, or through an administrative upload feature. In addition, most of our E-commerce sites come bundled with a content management tool, allowing vendors to maintain other portions of their site as well. These features help to reduce the costs commonly associated with web site upkeep. As with our content management solutions, the E-commerce sites we offer are built on either open or closed source platforms depending on the requirements.