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"When the firm decided to do it's first website many years ago we called quite a few web design companies and were given numerous samples of sites created by each company. We quickly discovered that Webline Designs had the most sites that we found to be innovative, creative and professional. After meeting with Neil and Steve hearing their ideas and receiving their proposal, the firm decided to go with Webline Designs.

The staff at Webline Designs always makes time to talk with me and/or the attorneys at the office. They also have the patience to explain how something works when we implement something new.

Since the firm's first website, we have completely revised the website several times. Before each major revision I have done my due diligence by requesting proposals from several different design companies. Each time the story has ended the same, we continued our relationship with Webline Designs. This is a relationship I expect to have for many years to come."


Content Management

Content ManagementContent Management can take a variety of forms, from simple web based forms and templates to full-featured WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors. However, at their heart, all content management systems strive to achieve the same goal: allowing companies to maintain their own sites without the need for specially trained technical personnel.

The benefits of content management are clear. By using content management solutions, companies no longer need to have detailed technical knowledge of HTML or other web standards, nor do they need to have special training to create graphically appealing content. In addition, content management solutions are a means of keeping the costs associated with maintaining a web site minimized as much as possible.

Each site is different, so there is no single content management solution that is optimal for every site. As a result, Webline offers a wide range of content management options, using a variety of web technologies, both closed and open source (including, but not limited to, WordPress, Drupal, and Magento).  When we develop a content management solution, Webline will review a variety of expected requirements and issues, including the amount of content, the level of customization, the number of users, the workflow and versioning requirements, etc., and use this information to develop a recommendation and plan prior to implementing any content management solution. We feel that our experience working across multiple platforms allows us to advocate the best solution to meet our clients' goals.